When you come to see us, we treat you like family.

Which is why you can always count on:

Professional Excellence

With unique expertise, Dr. Cele Oliver is the only dentist in San Antonio who is board certified in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. And, the rest of our exceptional team is committed to staying on the cutting edge of pediatric dentistry, as well.

Extraordinary Kindness

Our staff goes above and beyond to make the whole family feel completely at ease and well cared for. Most of us have children of our own, so we understand the needs of kids (and parents). Our favorite thing is getting to know families and caring for kids throughout their childhood. 

Personalized Care

We always offer age-specific treatment and a patient-centered approach, noting what works best for each personality. Kids and parents alike will have opportunity each visit to ask questions or discuss concerns (or simply swap stories about their pets). 

We dare you to let us make your day.

Our certifications and exceptional services are a rare find, but what truly sets us apart is our compassionate, smile-inducing care. Our proudest accomplishment is the reputation of being the happiest dental office on earth. Go ahead and see if we can make your kids (and you) delighted. 

We’re up for the challenge!

Meet Our Doctors

You’ll love the rest of our team, too.

The entire Smiles by CDO family is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable, efficient, and effective as possible!