Our Staff

We are especially interested in making all our patients feel right at home! We put your needs first to achieve efficient, comprehensive treatment. Our staff is skilled, trained strives to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient. Several members of the staff have been with the practice for 10 years or more, and with families of their own, they possess a personal understanding of the needs and expectations of children and their parents. As a result, our patients feel relaxed. If they eventually require braces or other orthodontic treatment, we already know their personality and can fit their treatment to their personality!


Position: Hygienist (aka The Cleaning Lady)
Favorite Movie: Miracle on 34th Street
Interesting Fact: Switched from an elementary education major to dental hygiene in Junior year
Favorite Person to Work With: Heather and I have such a great time with the kids when they are getting their teeth cleaned. We sing, tell silly jokes and will do anything for a laugh! Some days my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!


Position: Clinical Manager
Pets: 2 Turtles, 5 dogs, numerous cats. I don't adopt them, they adopt me!
Favorite Moment at Work: Seeing parents’ faces when their child gets their braces off!
Special Talent: Animal whisperer
Best Thing about Working Here: I love communicating with our patients and educating them. Getting to do arts and crafts is a bonus, too!


Position: Business Manager and Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator
Hobbies: Drawing, painting and Hula-Hooping!
Interesting Fact: I never match my socks! I can also whistle like a bird.
Best Thing about Working Here: When you work with your friends, it never feels like work! I also love when patients tell me silly stories about their day.
Currently Reading: The Percy Jackson series


Position: Jane of all Trades at the Front Desk
Hobbies: Yard work and any type of gardening
Kids and Pets: Tiffani, Marc and Erick are my kids, and Aryana is my wonderful grandchild! We also have two dogs, Miya and Major.
Best Thing about Working Here: I love my coworkers!
Best Vacation Spot So Far: Europe


Position: Pediatric Dentistry Treatment Coordinator
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, entertaining, traveling and shopping!
Favorite Moment at Work: When kids tell me about the Tooth Fairy's visits.
Best Thing About Working Here: I've made lifelong friends. We have such a friendly and supportive staff.
Interesting Fact: I'm a proud Navy wife, and I love the daily adventures my toddler, Carson, takes me on! I am also a huge Texas Tech fan and enjoy dabbling in the culinary arts.
Dream Vacation Spot: Australia


Position: Queen of Everything
Favorite Movie: The original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Kids: Football superstar, Ethan and aspiring artist, Emily
Favorite Moment at Work: Coming to work after OU beat Texas 63-21!
Best Thing about Working Here: I love working here because the staff feels like part of my family. What a blessing to love where you work!
Interesting Fact: Dr. Oliver's mother makes my favorite Buttermilk Pie ever!

Aleczandra_2013.pngAleczandra "Kia"

Position: Orthodontic and Hygiene Assistant
Pets: I have 2 dogs; a weenie dog named Lilly and a chocolate lab named Carlos.
Interesting Fact: I bungee jumped from 200 feet in the air, and I would love to go sky diving!
Special Talent: I can do splits.
Hobbies: I love to workout, dance and do arts and crafts.
Best Thing about Working Here: Making kids smile and listening to them tell me all about their days and the fun they had that day.
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Dream Vacation Spot: a trip around Europe
Currently Reading: I love reading fashion magazines!


Position: Dental Hygienist
Pets: Trixie and Josie. I am obsessed with my mini schnauzers… they are my babies!
Interesting Fact: When I was a senior in high school, I won my hometown beauty pageant.
Special Talent: Shopping and decorating
Best Thing about Working Here: We are always having fun with our patients, so work never feels like work.
Favorite Movie: Lady and the Tramp
Dream Vacation Spot: Bora-Bora
Last Book I Read: Lone Survivor